Bulgaria and the non-European Union citizens residence permits 

Bulgaria is situated on South-eastern Europe and became a European Union member state as of 1st January 2007. Its entry into the European Union meant that it satisfied the requirements and conditions found within what is known as the ‘Copenhagen criteria’. A stable democracy and rule of law, a secure economy, and the ability to accept all European Union legislations are amongst what is found within the criteria.

Throughout its years of being a member state of the European Union, Bulgarian authorities have been asked numerous times on different occasions to make certain amendments, one of which has been the new issuing of the residential permits for citizens who are non-EU inhabitants- a notice which had been put into place by the Commission. 

Furthermore, the Commission has insisted on a two-monthtime frame for Bulgaria to start the issuing of these new permits. Failure to abide may result in the Commission publishing a response opinion. In fact, a reminder and formal remark was sent by the Commission to Bulgaria in October 2021 regarding this matter.  

The Commission, which may be regarded as the ‘engine room’ and of the three main institutions of the European Union is the body responsible for the preparation of legislation. It also has the ability and power to take any necessary legal action on all European Union member states if they fail to abide by their duties under the European Union Law. That is, the European Law is the supreme law, and it will succeed any other laws. 

Individuals, be it either European Union citizens or non-European Union citizens must be in possession of a residence permit if they are staying within the country for a time frame longer than 90 days. 

Moreover, this Regulation concerning residential permits had been revised back in 2017. It did not insist of the newly updated card format but also security features which make use of biometric data. Unfortunately, the European Commission is persisting on this regulation as Bulgaria has failed in the past to issue such new residence permits. New permits which had to be implemented by the 10th of July 2020. 

However, it is necessary to note, that Bulgaria was not the only member state being called upon regarding such a matter. This is because Germany also failed at the correct completion of these new non-European Union citizens residential cards.

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