A senate recognised University of Malta student organisation representing the Institute for European Studies students.

ESO aims to be the official representative and maintain excellent links between the
University of Malta namely, the Institute for European Studies and students registered within such Institute.

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Transporting Networks in the EU

Transport has become a basic life necessity for the European Union and beyond, making it a fundamental factor of European integration. Being comprised of over 700 million citizens, the European Union’s transport networking system consists of various modes of transport including trams, cars, trains, and airplanes, making them to most readily available and utilised modes … Continue reading Transporting Networks in the EU

Russian-made Missile hits Poland, what does this mean?

It has been a week since a missile hit Przewodow, a Polish village, west of the border neighbouring Ukraine, on Tuesday the 15th of November 2022, with two innocent victims being killed in such a tragedy. The “Russian-made” missile hit Polish soil at a time when Russia launched one of its largest missile attacks on … Continue reading Russian-made Missile hits Poland, what does this mean?

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Upcoming Events

3rd October 2022

ESO at the KSU Freshers’ Week

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