Russian-made Missile hits Poland, what does this mean?

It has been a week since a missile hit Przewodow, a Polish village, west of the border neighbouring Ukraine, on Tuesday the 15th of November 2022, with two innocent victims being killed in such a tragedy.

The “Russian-made” missile hit Polish soil at a time when Russia launched one of its largest missile attacks on Ukraine. At first glance, uncertainty arose as to where the missile was launched from hitting a member of NATO. This is due to the fact that both Ukrainian and Russian forces make use of Russian-made weapons.

An emergency meeting was held instantly between the G7 and NATO leaders during the time of the G20 Summit being held in Bali between World leaders. Additionally, Joe Biden, President of the US stated that no definite conclusions could be made in regard to Russia firing the missile, stating that it was “unlikely” to the Russia’s doing. The Kremlin have denied any possible accusations made against them with Russia’s Defence Ministry stating that the Polish media is simply attempted to heighten the circumstances. While on Wednesday at the United Nations, Russian mission stated that the incident was an attempt to cause a military collision between both NATO and Russia.

Moreover, the Polish ambassador to NATO stated that due the Russia’s illegal invasion on Ukraine, the responsibility for the death of the two individuals lies on Russia’s hands. However, later news eventually showed that both Polish officials and NATO leaders believe that the missile was likely fired by Ukrainian forces who also make use of the “Russian-made” weapons in an attempt to defend their country against the Russian strikes through missile attacks which have resulted in more than 7 million people living without power.

The tragedy taking the lives of two innocent individuals is being labelled as an “accident” with the missile having a high possibility of being a Ukrainian air defence missile, thus resulting in the fact that there is no indication the incident was an intentional attack on Poland. Despite the fact that there are no clear signs that Russia was attempting to attack NATO countries, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General stated that the Ukrainian forces are not to be blamed for defending their land, but rather added that the responsibility still falls on Russia due to its illegal war on Ukraine.

In conclusion, this incident makes it the first time a NATO country has been hit in conflict. Despite Russia denying any possible accusations being made against it the Polish army has been put on high alert as a precaution from the unfortunate possibility of other incidents.

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