Maltese S&D Vice-President: Alex Agius Saliba

The Maltese yet again find themselves in the limelight of European Politics, this time with Dr. Alex Agius Saliba being elected as the Vice-President of the Socialists and Democrats group within the European Parliament.

Elections took place last Wednesday in Strasbourg, France, resulting in Agius Saliba receiving 85% of the votes. Agius Saliba will be the second Labour MEP holding this prestigious title, the first being former MEP Dr. Miriam Dalli.

Agius Saliba will be part of the S&D Group’s Bureau, helping with the coordination of the group’s political activity. All individual vice-presidents will also be in charge of specific EU policy portfolios, whilst also supervising cross-committee issues.

On behalf of the European Studies Organisation, we would like to wish Labour MEP Alex Agius Saliba the best of luck in his new role, we are confident that you will do your utmost to represent Malta in the best light possible.

Written by: Michaela Vassallo

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