Roberta Metsola’s candidacy for European Parliament President

The islands of Malta and Gozo are once again in the limelight of European Politics’ news as First Vice President of the European Parliament, Robert Metsola, officially expresses her bid for the Presidency of the European Parliament.

Metsola, which happened to be one of the first individuals to graduate from the European Studies bachelors degree at the University of Malta (an astounding 18 years ago!), states that she feels ready to pursue this endeavor: “I am ready to do my part.”

The Nationalist MEP will contest the European People’s Party (EPP) internal elections on November 24th, competing only (as of yet) with Austrian MEP Othmar Karas. Should Metsola succeed, she would’ve earned the candidacy for the EPP for the European Parliament presidency election in January 2022.

Officially backed by MLP MEP Alex Agius Saliba, Metsola expressed her desire to make people “believe in Europe”, bringing the union and its institutions closer to the civilians it represents. This comes in the wake of numerous internal crises for the EU, most notably being Brexit, Polish and Hungarian legal disputes, the 2015 migration crisis, north-south divergence, among many others.

On behalf of the European Studies student, the European Studies Organisation would like to wish Metsola the best of luck for her upcoming (hopefully) two European Parliament presidency elections. We are confident that Metsola will make Malta proud once again.

Written by: Michele Agius

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