Neil Agius breaks the world record!

Neil Agius, a 35 year old ex-Olympian broke the world record for the Longest Ocean Swim. This world record was previously held by the British Chloe McCardel with a distance of 124.4km. Neil Agius completed the 125.6km swim in 52 hours, which started from Linosa and ended in Gozo.

The original route was from Tunisia to Malta however, due to weather conditions and opposing currents, it was altered to start from Linosa, ending in Gozo. On 30th June 2021 Agius arrived at around 10pm, at Xlendi Bay, where he was welcomed by several supporters cheering him on. Along the journey, Agius was assisted by 32 crew members, ensuring that he remains in good health.

The main objective of Neil’s swim was to raise awareness to keep our oceans clean from toxic materials such as plastic. Agius stated that plastic should be thrown away in recycle bins and appealed to the public to keep active and healthy. Therefore, Agius’s initiative had a dual objective; that of promoting environmental awareness, while encouraging physical activity.  

People are encouraged to participate in the “Double the Wave” challenge. Participation could be done by following these simple steps:

  1. Picking up 6 pieces of plastic
  2. Posting a video of yourself on social media doing 6 repetitions of your favourite exercise with the pieces of plastic in the video
  3. Use #doublethewave and tag Wave of Change Malta
  4. Tag and nominate 6 people

This was Neil’s second consecutive record-break as last year he broke Nicky Farrugia’s record in a swim from Sicily to Malta. Farrugia arrived in Malta after 30 hours and 17 minutes, whilst Agius arrived after 28 hours, 7 minutes and 27 seconds.

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