Russia bans Same-Sex Marriage and Transgender Adoption

Last week, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a handful of anti-LGBTIQ constitutional amendments. These include a ban on same-sex marriages because now according to the Russian constitution, marriage can only exist between a man and a woman. Another amendment prohibits transgender members of the LGBTIQ community from adopting children.

These amendments were supported by 77% of Russians in a national referendum last July. One of the approved amendments was one which allows Putin to serve two additional six-year terms as President, therefore until the year 2036.

These anti-LGBT amendments are rooted in ‘a belief in God’ within Russia, which is why many LGBTQ+ people choose to hide their true identity for their personal safety. Homosexuality in Russia was initially decriminalised in 1917, before being re-criminalised in 1933 and then re-legalised in 1993.

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