Russian Opposition Leader Reportedly Poisoned

On Thursday, the Russian leader of the opposition Alexei Navalny was placed in intensive care by a suspected poisoning, a spokesperson said. He was on a plane to Moscow when he suddenly fell unconscious, which prompted an emergency landing.

Navalny was subsequently placed in a coma on a ventilator as tests were carried out. The spokeswoman elaborated that it is thought that he was poisoned via his morning tea, the only thing he drank that day prior to feeling unwell.

On Friday, Russian doctors stated that no trace of poisoning was found, and diagnosed him with a metabolic disease caused by low blood sugar. He was later transferred to a Berlin hospital on Saturday on request of his wife and supporters, who were concerned that the hospital in Russia was badly equipped.

Navalny is a known anti-corruption campaigner and one of President Putin’s harshest critics. In fact, it is thought to be the reason behind his poisoning by the head of the Anti-Corruption Foundation’s legal department. It should be noted that this isn’t the first attack Navalny has suffered, as he was attacked physically in the past.

Navalny had been travelling Russia with the aim of promoting a voting strategy to oppose candidates who were pro-Putin in the context of the upcoming September regional elections. A month ago, the Russian constitution was amended to allow Putin to remain in power until 2036. At the time, Navalny had alleged that the results were rigged, and urged people to protest against it.

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