Newly Appointed Executive Board for 2020/21

As another term came to an end, on Wednesday 24th June 2020, the ESO held its Annual General Meeting at the KSU Common room and simultaneously online via Zoom, which initiated a new executive team for the term 2020/2021.

It was agreed upon by the members present, that Edward De Gabriele would be the Chairperson for this AGM, while Liam Cassar and Ylenia Inguanez were appointed as Commissioners.

The meeting started off with the approval of the Agenda, which was unanimously approved. Proceeding, Maria Cutajar, who served in the role of ESO President for the term 2019/2020, gave her speech, thanking all the executive members, mentioning the achievements that the executive worked and obtained during the year while reminiscing the time she spent within the organization. Subsequently, Maria showed her gratitude towards two particular executive members, Bernice Bonello (financial officer) and Eman Portelli (secretary general), for their continuous support throughout the term she served as President.

Following the opening speech by the former president, Eman Portelli, who served in the role of Secretary General, read the minutes from the previous year’s AGM, which were approved. Moreover, Eman Portelli read the Annual Report, giving a summary of the event organized by the previous executive throughout the year such as; 9th of May debate ‘What’s in Store for Europe?’, the ESO Pool Party, the organization’s participation during Fresher’s Week and Christmas on camps, ‘Waffle It Up’ and particularly highlighting the success achieved with the organisation of the annual Live-in and the annual international trip to Lisbon. This report was approved unanimously.

Thereafter, Financial Officer for the term 2019/2020, Bernice Bonello, read the financial report, providing the final balances of both profits and losses from organized events for the term 2019/2020. The final balance recorded a €900 surplus, ending the year with €5,265 in total. The Financial Report was approved, followed by the amendments of the Statute which were also approved unanimously.

Afterwards, all contesting candidates gave a speech presenting themselves for their respective roles, their visions for the future of the organization and how they plan to work in order to keep our organization an active one upon campus. The candidates were presented and approved as the elected executive as follows:

1. President : Bernice Bonello

2. Vice-President : Eman Portelli

3. Secretary General : Brandon Spiteri

4. Financial Officer : Rebecca Azzopardi

5. Media Officer : Briana Mifsud

6. Social Policy Officer : Michaela Fenech

7. Events Officer : Katrina Cassar

8. Academic Affairs Officer : Dilan Dimech

9. International Officer : Kelly Tocharshewsky

Due to two candidates contesting for the role of Public Relations Officer (PRO), an election was set for Friday 26th July. All European Studies students were eligible to register for the AGM and vote for one of the candidates between 11:00 – 16:00. This election was contested by Michele Agius and Michaela Vassallo. With 34 eligible voters, and 30 voted, the election was won by Vassallo Michaela with the following result:

AGIUS Michele – 13 votes

VASSALLO Michaela – 16 votes

Abstained – 1 vote

Therefore, Michaela Vassallo was appointed the role of Public Relations Officer.

Lastly, ESO would like to take this as an opportunity to thank all those who attended the AGM, and all those who helped out the organization within the past term. As another successful year for the organisation comes to an end, it promises to deliver another successful year and pledge to enhance its participation on campus and working more intimately with the students it represents.